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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

Bleh... I listened to his vids & some of the c2c show. Not feelin it. He doesn't seem to be saying anything we haven't heard before, and is throwing in a very dull, materialistic cosmology vis a vis the et presence. His sources, these "Allies of Humanity" got chased away?? Why should we take them seriously?

This is what bugs me about all these alleged contact stories. the so called good-guys abide by the rules and won't intervene, and the manipulators and exploiters get to go hog wild and do whatever they want. How is this just? If you say we, as humans, must rise up and take responsibility for ourselves and throw off the yolk of slavery, that's fine, being at such a disadvantage will make the eventual throwing off the yolk that much more meaningful, but I just can't see it happening without some kind of catalyst-not necessarily et intervention, but some kind of unveiling, some unmistakable sign that will wake people up. We could use more truth. That would help.

I'm glad you posted about him, I was unfamiliar with the material.
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