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Default Re: Marshall Vian Summers

You're welcome mntruthseeker. Someone asked on a thread, who are these people, calling themselves "Allies of humanity".

It is mentioned in their briefing that they come from very far in our galaxy. They do not say where they come from, but they say it is for their own safety.

What they mentioned about themselves that I find most interesting is the fact that they have been under the control of a foreign power for a very long time. Today, they are free, but it took them a long time a many great sacrifice to get rid of this outside influence over their homeland and people.

They say it looked like the intervention we are living today, here on Earth. At first it is secretive and after rooting themselves under the apparent power in place, they're offering technological "toys", like the European offered mirrors to our natives. After signing treaties and accepting new technology, the intervention became more and more apparent and progressively, the native lost their own sovereignty.

It already happened within our own history. The Universal Laws are at work and today, we have open the doors for this kind of action to be part of our destiny. But also because of the Universal Laws, we have the means to get rid of the intervention.

Namaste, Steven
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