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Default Re: Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section

As I have been away for a few days I am reading through this thread again. I wonder about the purpose of the pyramids,
if they are energy regenerators to produce sound....then for what purpose?

I think WATER might be the clue here, as we live on a planet which surface is 70 % water and our cells consists at least for 70 % of water.

Then there is your English language with the word SOUND, meaning the “vibration” as well as “healthy”

I came past the question of Observer

Originally Posted by observer View Post
It never made sense to me, all of those giant slabs above the Kings Chamber, and the "accepted scientific explanation" that they were there to relieve stresses on the roof of the room. Seeing the Kings Chamber as a massive resonating chamber sheds a whole new light on this mystery.

If the hypothesis of the "Pyramid Code" is accurate, i.e. that it is a massive subtle energy generator. And, if your hypothesis is also correct, that the pyramid was a hydraulic water pump. And further, it is felt the Kings Chamber is a resonance chamber. Than, my question is, to what frequency can the clapper in the ram-pump be tuned?

Is it possible to tune the cycles per second of the impacts to, say, the Schumann resonance? Can these mechanical impacts be "tuned" to resonate at a certain frequency? Is it possible the pyramid was designed to be some sort of giant "transmitter"?

I think those frequencies he is pointing at are very important.

Also the Solfeggio Frequencies should be considered.
They are beneficial for the chakras of Humans as well as the probable chakras of the Earth
When these pyramids could be huge “ sound producers” they were sound/healthy for the earth, as that is a living body with probably chakras as well, as well for its inhabitants.

As the wise elder on the “Pyramid Code” said, SOUND was a main purpose of the Pyramids

The “remembrance” of water has been researched by Masaru Emoto
Under influence of sound-vibration, water can come to great force (as I showed with the home video earlier in this thread) (comment #32) as water is able to remember.
This force can be used together with these big pumps, to make various sound-frequencies on a huge scale which has the reaction on water to become even a greater force.

In all the info on this tread I missed the information about the force that actually starts the pump to function!! A suggestion of this force must have been there!

I think a combination of all these phenomena might bring “some” further insight.

This was just some humble “broad” feminine thinking LOL

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