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Default Re: Great Pyramid - Working model of subterranean section

Hello all! I thought i'll drop a line or two on this thread. Thanks for a great thread for starters. I'm a machinist/toolmaker by trade, and after having a look on some of Chris Dunns pictures i can pretty much confirm that machine tools have been used at Giza plateau. Obviously i can't say anything about how they were powered, but looking for example those core drilled holes, the feed rate achieve machining marks on the parts way they are, would've needed something VERY powerfull. Looking at the core sample photo, i would say the feed rate of cutting would have been around 0.5 to 1mm per revolution, and to achieve that even in a modern machine shop to relatively soft aluminium with a core drill that size, would be hard pushing.
So i would have an educated guess and say that with man power you would never do that.
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