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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
My rather harsh review, I call it constructive criticism

First video ~ starts out with some nice generalization's that everyone can agree with.

~ finishes with a hook on the ego, while since you agree with these nice generalizations and you are watching this, you are very special, you are very high up and ready for all of this.

Ok, now ego is activated, I'm special, I'm chosen, I'm watching these videos.

Then it is like: YOU want to know truth right? Well then this is for you.

Second video ~ launches into names, numbers, very confusing speaking that literally NO ONE IN THE WORLD will really understand what is being said exactly.

However, ego is activated, we are special, this material is for special people. This is for people like me that want the truth right? Well then, fake it til u make it. We're confused but it sounds important, so we just feel instead it's great, she's wonderful etc. etc.

Mind control works exactly this way from my understanding. You state a commonly known fact, activate the ego with a compliment, then implant bizarre information in a confusing way.


What is the take home message? Keep learning more in this endless circle of nothingness.

By the time we are done absorbing Anna Hayes materials we will most likely believe:

>You must evacuate the earth.
>ETs hold the highest spiritual truth.
>Humanities protector Archangel Michael is your enemy, connect to the ETs.
>Your personal ascension is determined by which ETs have access to stargates.
>You are lower than the ETs.
>Jesus was real, but he ran away from the cross in order to 'save his life' and another dude died on the cross for him.
>You can "activate DNA" to be more loving, rather than being more loving to be more loving!
>If only you keep reading these books over and over, buying the next one etc. you will finally 'get it'

And the take home lie: Truth is mental not spiritual. The power is outside of you, not inside of you and you have no hope of saving your planet, so leave when you get a chance.

To me this is up is down, black is white, spin us around, empty our pockets then set us out to the world to preach the message.
This is the same feel I received from her work -- especially the empty the pocketbook part. Her truth is expensive.
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