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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, Amen Ra, Hathor, Abraxasinas, Thuba

Consider this Rense/Fulford light of everything contained in this thread. Once again...I only seek understanding and reconciliation. I am not on a any way, shape, or form. I just want all of the cr@p to be placed in plain site...for the whole world to see...and then taken to the dump. Then we can proceed to conduct business in this Solar System in a much less corrupt and violent manner. That's all. I could conceivably see myself becoming a Reformed Roman a completely purified and reformed church. I could conceivably be highly supportive of a completely purified and reformed United Nations. I'm not an anarchist. I'm really just a janitor. I'm trying to help clean things up. Millions of other people are trying to do the same their own way...and in their own time. It takes all kinds...I guess.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom
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