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Default Re: Durham Region (Oshawa/Whitby/Ajax/Pickering)

Originally Posted by ISIS View Post
Hello everyone,

I'm in Markham and soon to be in the countryside....

Yes, there have been numerous Chem-trails surrounding us recently...

Even sitting in my back yard recently , witnessed a tic-tac-toe (two line crossing over two opposite lines)...

I quickly made photoS with my telephone, and then went off in the car to a plaza parking lot to further photgraph....

i'm going to upload them on the computer as soon as I can, and then post them here for you...(if you would like to see them, I mean?)

my only problem at the moment is i can't find the attachment for my phone to the computer in order to hook them unless someone has any suggestions on how to do it otherwise, I will have to wait abit for someone to help me on my end...

I also would consider connecting with like minded people of Camelot/Avalon....

Anyway that is it for now.....

Be well....ISIS

Hello Isis,

Nice to meet you.

Yeah absolutely post those photos if you ever able to find the cord. It's great to know someone in this area who even recognizes the phenomenon and takes it seriously.
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