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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Startrekka View Post
As one who has had little to do with sacred sites but who has great respect for Gaia, I did some research on "energy grids" because if I am to participate in this healing project, I would like to have sufficient knowledge to have some idea of what I'm doing.

By that I mean, what is the power of my mind capable of doing to the energy grid of the planet?

And why are there sacred sites in the first place?

This Youtube item helped immensely.
Startrekka and Astralwalker . . . re: a global meditation. I remember quite well the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Dan Winter has been thinking along these lines for quite a long time. I found this information on the net about his thinking:

"I perceive one important aspect of my life's work, is to develop the idea that the ability of human glands to bend magnetism and fabricate environments, called emotion, ultimately allows the evolutionary products of human nervous systems and spirits, to serve and create the fabric of matter, planet grids, and galaxies.

In this regard, our immediate planetary dilemna of "fractionating fractality" (loss of embeddedness) to hold atmosphere, ecosystem and gravity grid together, may in fact be most powerfully resolved by the most powerful magnetic centering device on the Earth, COLLECTIVE HUMAN LOVE. We have watched the Lexicor, brainwave 3D harmonic analyzer color map the surface of the brain according the the zones where EEG coherence or ordered were "lighting up". This same technology may now be powerfully applied to the Earth resonant grid as one living body.

We place a neat package of lo frequency magnetic field and callahan probe biological capacitance probe sensors at sites around the planet, chosen specifically as Earth Grid key node facets. We have prepared a planet wide team of "Planetary Grid Emergency Network" specialists in planet scale magnetic grid work. (Lead by Vincent Bridges, William Buehler, Peter Champieux, Philip Knopf, Saskia Bosman, et al.). We have a separate team of physicists and magnetic technicians expert in transducer design, telemetry, and weak Earth field measures. (Lead by Tom Valone, Bill Ramsey, and others.)

A significant correlary benefit to the Earth grid magnetic coherence monitoring system relates to alternative energy technologies. Specifically, the numerous non-linear, scalar, "free-energy", and "zero-point" "pod'mod", Newman, energy devices all tap the coherence of the Earth's fractal magneto-gravity grid, as their source. We must not use these technologies till we have a way to monitor if the bioregional grids are beginning to be destabilized.

It is more than ironic, that weaning to gravity energy technology ("metabolizing Starlight Directly"), is directly limited by our learning the ability to use global emotion coherently to feed that grid.

We provide telemetric and internet feedback from these sites to our media center where a global heads up feedback display is prepared. Magnetic resonance harmonic analysis from three different probe technologies at each site, is converted to a 3 dimensional rotating map of the earth grid. A computer animated revolving map of the Earth's sphere lights up to show which bioregions ring more true in response to global prayer. The image of the earth will be displayed close to real time showing which sites on the planet have lit up with stronger Schumann Resonance long wave coherence.

By focusing millions of people imaging the healing of a particular site, it should be possible to teach a global mind, specificity and will, and creating magnetic coherence at particular site. For example, the underground water veins which dissapeared at Vukovar in Yugoslavia during the war, could be rebraided, reappear and be measured during global meditation.

During the "Global-Link" simulcasts, we provide guided earth healing meditation, sacred dance synchronized at multiple sites, and use visual cues of the site being healed, and biofeedback of heart sonics & breath, and also the Schumann resonance electrostatics fed back from that site. As the power of millions of people visualizing and breathing together and praying, effects the magnetic harmonics of key earth grid sites, the planet can watch our collected mind heal our Earth, in real time."

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