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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
Quote (Burgundia):"To astralwalker- my opinion of you is getting confirmed; it is your ego that stands in the way. you do not allow this project to be our creation, it must be your creation."

Quote (Gemeos): "And unless you are preparing to Hypnotize everyone of the 7.000 (or more) people, or brainwash us all, you have to consider and accept/respect that the meditation mode (music file, eyes closed, eyes open, video, standing up, laying down) will have to be individual."

This is not fair, people! Your judgments are too sharp and on the surface of the things. Your minds prevail over the higher vibration of the heart/soul essence which is undertaken with our Healing Project.

Please, go deep in your hearts and see that this is not matter of democracy or individual approach on "how to meditate", but to achieve the higher CONVERGENCE toward the ONENESS, toward the COLLECTIVE consciousness. So, if we have a common goal, we MUST do some mutual efforts that are different from our everyday`s practice. This is new, this is an experiment, and this should continue the way that was determined by those who leed it, because this is succesful way, as you all know. Is that so big problem once a week to have a COORDINATION, somewhat different from your best ways for meditation?!

I personally also have some different points of view, but i accept to follow this way as far as it gets a great results. It does. And, somebody must take a decision. I will not vote for music, I will not produce lower vibrations, now when we are entering the more important phase of the Project.

Accusing Astralwalker on ego-trip or similar is something totaly without reason, even he agree that you can use different music file. So, what is the problem here? His ego or somebody else`s ego? - the ego that can not allow to be leaded by others.

Please stop mixing the right to express your opinion with producing mind-manipulated lower energies. You are all above this unnecessary "polemics", much above...and I will no more participate in this kind of discussion...

Please stop.

I Love you all, you are all Light in the darkness around. - KRUVEL
I do not mind being a follower if a person would take time to explain why I am wrong. But i refuse to be a blind follower. perhaps you do not notice certain subtle things. astralwalker doesn't take any suggestions and I read some of his responses.
a few people here kindly stated that they liked the original soundtrack. we were accused of arguing, causing division...Arguing with who, dividing what?Nobody explained why we should use other music which did not work well for some of us. I am not going to voice my opinion any more on this thread. i am going to participate in meditation anyway, listening to whatever music because I think it is the right and only way. However i am disappointed to some extent.
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