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Default Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by Angel in Disguise View Post
Holly... Future husband is Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius, and rising in Aries... Am I in for trouble?... Lol
We ALL are, Angel.

Sorry, I saw the word "fiancÚ" above somewhere (relying on my shoddy-at-best memory. ) and, based on pure assimilation (the "F" in "fiancÚ".), I saw in my head "wife". This happens from time to time.

Well, it sounds like you have yourself a passionate thinker who's on the quest for inner truth! The rest of his chart would truly unearth some interesting tidbits about him! Especially when you get into the decanates and degrees and houses of each aspect.

I think you'll have a fun, loving marriage with this man, Angel; just remember to try to ground one another, as neither of you have Earth signs in your top three! :P Of course, there may be some throughout the rest of your charts, but I see tons of Water and Fire in your top threes - so try not to douse each other out. I send you both tons of P.U.L.L. in your life - Peace, Unity, Love, and Light!

What I always hafta remind myself, though, is that, although our charts can be SO advanced and go to great depths in characterising each one of us in very individual ways, there are other factors at play as well (the name that was "chosen" for us, our numerological birth date, the conditions in which we grew up, where we live/were raised, etc.). Still, I DO realize that Pisceans share traits (what I would call "common denominator traits".), Librans share traits, Capricorns share traits, etc.

I've found that astrology is a very beneficial tool - to help us get some insight into where we're coming from and how we each proverbially "tick", but the other factors give us fabulous insights as well! Obviously, we aren't just the sum of what is said on paper under a category heading; we're much more than that (yeah, MANY more category headings! ).

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