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Default what sign are the crystal and indigo children...

Originally Posted by hollylindin View Post

....there are other factors at play as well (the name that was "chosen" for us, our numerological birth date, the conditions in which we grew up, where we live/were raised, etc.). Still, I DO realize that Pisceans share traits (what I would call "common denominator traits".), Librans share traits, Capricorns share traits, etc.

I've found that astrology is a very beneficial tool - to help us get some insight into where we're coming from and how we each proverbially "tick", but the other factors give us fabulous insights as well!

You are so right,
when meeting new people I need to know their date of birth,
because of astrology and numerology.

For example,
I was born 7th of Nov.(the day of russian revolution) and I have met three couples born 6th or 8th of Nov. sharing same kind of past life memories as
I, linked to Milan, Italy and St Petersburg, Russia.

and people born 25th of September, are always a nuisance in my life,
(black) shamans or like the exopolitics Michael Salla....
so, I prefer not to have anything to do with people born on that date.

Being a scorpio, my soulmates are sensitive Pisces, so I planned that my son
would be born under the influence of Pisces.(29th of Feb.)

And as I am myself rising Libra, Sun Scorpio and Moon Leo,
I wanted my daughter to be "like me", so she ended up being a Libra and rising Scorpio.

Funny, but true.

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