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Default Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post
I have a pisces ascendant.. so there's actually four of me...

talk about confusion... and pisces and gemini are not exactly the most harmonious of combinations... so imagine being that !

On the plus side.. I get the right brain.. I get the left brain... I get the emotional, I get the practical, I get the logical , I get the intuitive.

And with all this gear... all this technology... all this feeling.. all this connection at my disposal, where does the boat go ??

I see lots... just don't ask me to do anything ...

I TOTALLY understand, Kula. Being a Pisces Sun, Rising Aries, Capricorn Moon, I have many sides, too! For the longest time, I didn't know how I was going to get all these sides to co-operate, but once you master it, it's mastered forever. Now the spirituality, sensitivity, and creativity comes outta Pisces whenever I wish to be my Godly self, Aries is by my side in a battle when I wish to stand up and fight, and Capricorn does my thinking for me when it comes to business, career, or how to just plain work out a tough situation! After so many years of resisting the different sides of me, I've found a real beauty and tranquility outta letting them all live their happy lives, doing what it is they were instilled in me to do, you know?

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