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Post Re: Only 16 and dead from flu shot 3 days later

That's horrible, my heart goes out to the family the most difficult pain to endure is the loss of a child. Has this case been reported to the news, has anyone exposed this story yet? Seems like I heard of a similar story in the military with one or more of our soldiers, but the likelihood of that breaking mass media is nil.

There's a criminal intent involved in letting stories like this go unreported, if her father is a doctor he needs to hold press conferences to make the public aware of what happened. Call CNN, ABC, Oprah and whoever will listen....He can save more lives by speaking out - unfortunately the family has no legal grounds to stand on because the pharmaceutical companies were given legal immunity. The only way he can fight back is to let the WORLD know what happened.

Even tho this is an extremely difficult thing to go thru, he can seek vindication by informing parents what happened to him.

What irks me about this whole thing is there are extremely effective ways to boost the immune system naturally and no one talks about them, it's all so unnecessary
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