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Default Re: Only 16 and dead from flu shot 3 days later

A prayer for the family and another friend who has just passed...

I honor The Place where In-dwelling Spirit resides within myself and others. I Call out to Great Spirit and the Source of All That Is for All Names are yours in every Religion. All Creation of the seen and unseen IS Yours here on Mother Earth and in the vast ocean of stars encircling us from the Center of Your Mind and Heart. We thank You for supporting us Great Spirit. For feeding us; for bringing sweet water to quench thirst and to bath. We thank You, Great Sustainer for Your bounty which surrounds us in every moment. We thank You for our lives and the lessons we create to bring us closer to You, Great Spirit Within us. May Your Breath ever sustain us.

I honor the Four Directions and the Four Great Winds that circle our Earth Mother. I call on the Spirits of those directions and the Four Winds to hear my call. I stand in the middle of the Medicine Wheel in a prayerful and humble way asking for help from the Spirits in those Directions for protection; light; and healing for ourselves; for our leaders; and for all of our relations: Mitakuye O'yasin. May we learn deeply those teachings each Spirit brings from the Medicine Wheel's directions and may we understand where we are upon it at any given moment.

May You bring peace to our fellow Nations; that Love and Light descend upon the House of Glass- the United Nations building; that our brothers and sisters in each country find that inner connection to you, Great Spirit, and put their fears and anger aside and remember that we all come from You and in any moment a simple movement of Your hand and we would cease to exist. May mankind's Ego and Will be destroyed and replaced with Love and Light, You who Supports us in all ways.

I call out to our Ancestors; those who've crossed over in spirit and those that are our spiritual helpers and teachers in the dreamtime to help us through this Transition from consciousness to Super Consciousness; recognition of Creator Within and our true nature which is not the body, but the spirit within. I asked the holy men and women that walk the spirit world beside us to keep an ever watchful eye out for our footsteps as we follow this good red road. This road of love, beauty, right action, right thought; good words that calm and center the spirit in ourselves and others. May we learn that the balance of all things is acheived through a loving heart.

I call on All that is Good and Holy to support this prayer for this comes from my heart's center. My heart sings Your praises, Great Spirit; it sings the song You placed there at the beginning of Creation. May You listen for it always. May You hear the songs of all of Your Creation's heart singing in Honor of You from the Web of Life and Light You Created.

May Love, Light and Peace descend on Earth.

Mitakuye O'yasin, HO
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