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Smile Re: Are you a victim of Voice2Skull technology?

hello all,
its been a while since i posted here but i would like to add that voice to skull technology is very real. the first week of january was very interesting. if you read my blog you will get an idea of my situation. anyways, around my house the voices seemed to come from certain areas of my house. i later told the agents that i knew where this little device was and they threatened my life if i found it. they removed it when i left the house and put it in one of the appliances in the kitchen. i told them again that i knew where it was and again they waited for me to leave the house so they could remove it. then they put it outside in the garage in either the washing machine or dryer. they removed it again after i told them where it was.
i then went up to mammoth from southern cali. which is about a 5hour drive. in certain areas of my drive i would think a thought that would bait whoever is telepathically communicating with me and they would respond very clear and distinctly to my statement. i made sure i did this when no cars were around. i could still here the voices very clearly. they the agents put some sort of device in my car. the ride back from mammoth was very quiet because they removed the device from my car.
while up in mammoth i went to convict lake around 8am in the morning and no one was in sight except a bald eagle looking for food. about after five minutes at the lake a man shows up gets out of his car and walks in the bushes behind me and back there for about 5 minutes. he takes off. i can then hear the voices again very clearly. they really liked it when i would try to sleep and try to sleep is the key. the second i closed my eyes i could see them and whatever image they were projecting into my head very clearly. so clearly they would try to have me read some sentences and tell them what color they were showing me just to check if their equipment was working.

i would like to add one thing. i have something called a frequency generator that pulses a 15mhz square wave and this device seems to not only block some transponder gps in my car but also cancel out them trying to get into my head while i close my eyes. another device is called a succor punch. so thats where im at as of now. take care everyone.

wow i havent been on this board in a while and very interesting how the energy of this forum has changed. know what i mean?
loving kindness to all beings.
p.s. even to all of you agents

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