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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mpea View Post
And thanks to you Astralwalker, we all appreciate YOU for starting this, not to mention all of your hard work and the love in your posts

Thank you Mpea. I really appreciate.

I started this, but the only way it can be properly finished is by combined forces of all humanity.

I personally believe there is hope and the future destructions (that most of humanity does not believe they are coming) can be altered by influencing the basic fractal pattern of our Matrix.

And the key to this lies in our EMOTIONS.

They are generators of POWER.

The events will not do its magic if we can not bring out the most divine emotions in us.

If this pure and clean energy is not generated, that all this is for nothing

Most people are new to this audio sciences connected to meditative states. I personally been using brain sync for a long time. Even have a mind machine at home. I understand how light and sounds are powerful. But I have to point out that the emotions are the ones that will reshape the reality in the right way.

Other way, we will only generate a field of energy.

I would step out of my principles if I do not say this: The Audio file chosen for the meditation is excellent but there has to be a part that needs to be added that generates the positive emotions.

Anyway, this is only my observation and opinion. Nothing more and nothing less. It does not mean anything. But this is how I feel about this issue.

And yes, there will be problems, obstacles in this road. But if we are smart and we see the final goal and why we are doing this…we will find a way to accomplish this.

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