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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I just want to say that I think it's fine that this thread is 'quiet'. I enjoy the occasional updates and that I don't have to feel pressed to read yet another link or video posted here. The feedback thread is great.
However, I do feel that I had somewhat similar concerns to Perseide, and maybe a discussion about that should be encouraged.

I do think as well, though, that the silence is a way of saying (opposed to what was mentioned on another thread) "we're carrying this out, you take it for what you like it..."

In that sense, prepping a two hour meditation next week. I will take PhiedPiper's first version file that was so 'empty' and use it to clear me... empty me. Let all the annoying stuff go while I'm settling in and I have no problem hearing that two or three times. I understand that people want a solidly crafter full hour of music to accompany this, and also that the current efforts are only to overcome the problematic situation. However, if Dayzero is with us and wants to put up the effort, maybe it's possible to go back to the 'root spirit' and do it with his solfeggio and Phied's file only?

I personally have the feeling that Phied V1 and Phied V2 followed by Dayzero's Solfeggio will be most excellent. If anyone else, by the way, is interested in that first empty V1 file of Phied, it's still up on my server and I can provide a link.

(I missed V3 but I suppose it's similar to V4 of last week?)
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