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Default update on Phiedpiper's stae

Hi everybody. I had a conversation with Phiedpiper just minutes ago and thought that some people would be pleased to have some news...

Here is the transcript of the conversation we had.

Perseide (08:05)
it's good to see you online

Phiedpiper (08:05) :

Perseide (08:05) :
how are you doing this time around?

Phiedpiper (08:05) :
i'm still the same
i'm going for an ultrasound soon

Perseide (08:05) :
they are looking for what?

Phiedpiper (08:06) :
i'm not sure

Perseide (08:06) :
I am sorry man!

Phiedpiper (08:06) :
it's ok, hopefully i can figure it out soon

Perseide (08:06) :
I really hope you will feel better soon

Phiedpiper (08:06) :
me too

Perseide (08:07) :
we are talking a lot about you on the forum
every body agrees that your file was the most powerfull one to date

Phiedpiper (08:08) :
i want to get back to it, but i just have to try and find out what's wrong to get back on my feet first

Perseide (08:08) :
I understand

Phiedpiper (08:08) :
as you know i have to move soon, this thing really mixed up my whole life!
tell them i should be ok but it just was more serious than i thought at first

Perseide (08:09) :
Do they have a clue on what might be the problem?

Phiedpiper (08:09) :
no, it's really strange because my blood test came back normal
i am hoping maybe it goes away after i move, maybe i was reacting to something where i am now

Perseide (08:12) :
I remember once my heart chakra opened and I felt very tired and depressed and had vision problems... i couldn't see things the normal way, i could only focus on small things... really physically i was not able to watch for instance a whole building... I was just able to see it brick by brick
it lasted for 6 months

Phiedpiper (08:13) :
interesting... i had some vision problems a bit lately
my eyes just lose focus

Perseide (08:13) :
I felt like I was not able to see things around me

Perseide (08:14) :
I was trapped in a bubble of extreme empathy for the world

Phiedpiper (08:14) :
oh i see like hypersensitivity

Perseide (08:14) :

Phiedpiper (08:14) :
it's funny how these things happen

Phiedpiper (08:15) :
maybe what i have is all just a part of a big turning point in my life, and it's not something regular medecine could diagnose or cure
Phiedpiper (08:15) :
that's what i'm hoping

Perseide (08:15) :
Do you still meditate?

Phiedpiper (08:15) :
well i can't, the symptoms bother me too much
i wish i could

Perseide (08:15) :
this is so strange my friend

Phiedpiper (08:15) :
yeah, i'm hoping i can again by the time i get to japan

Perseide (08:16) :
I know that me and a lot of people on avalon are sending you good intentions when we do the global meditation

Phiedpiper (08:16) :
well i guess this is just something i have to see myself through, that's why i'm looking forward to moving, since that should mark the first step forward
Phiedpiper (08:17) :
i had a really difficult time overall this past year, a lot of strange things happened

Perseide (08:17) :
I hope you get well before you move
when do you move?

Phiedpiper (08:17) :
well i move back to ottawa for a few months this weekend, then i move to japan
i am going to dedicate myself entirely to getting better any way i can during those few months before i leave

Perseide (08:18) :
This maybe sound weird but sometimes it would be easy to see some conspiracy stuff about your health

Phiedpiper (08:18) :
i had my suspicions for awhile too... it's strange that the doctor can't figure out what it is
but now i think it was something that forced me to make a big change for whatever reason

Perseide (08:08) :
well we all know that we have a tremendous power over our physicall body and we know that sometimes life wants to tell us something..

Phiedpiper (08:21) :
i was thinking about it a long time... maybe i was going way off track in my life, i was supposed to stay on arts side, not try to cross into sciences... that is my best guess
Phiedpiper (08:22) :
if i thought what was my purpose for being here, the only thing i can think of is to make music

Perseide (08:22) :
yeah I guess it has something to do with that
Perseide (08:23) :
I wish you the best of luck then. Find your own path, I am sure it will help
Perseide (08:25) :
get in touch if you can. I will be pleased to receive some updates on your state

Phiedpiper (08:25) :
yeah i think i am doing that with what i plan to do next.
ok i will for sure, i will let you know... hopefully i can come back to avalon soon

Perseide (08:25) :
I hope... we all hope actually

Phiedpiper (08:25) :
thanks, it really means a lot

Perseide (08:25) :
thanx for taking the time to share this with me
take care

Phiedpiper (08:25) :
no problem, you too

Perseide (08:26) :
do you mind if I post this on avalon?

Phiedpiper (08:27) :
i don't mind at all if you let them know, i want everyone to know i really want to get back to it and help us take it to the next level, but i just have to put all my attention on getting better for awhile longer first


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