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Default Re: Why never talk about the top of the pyramid: The Jesuits?

Originally Posted by dolphin View Post
hey ASHATAV.... KUDOS to you on this thread.... EXCELLENT research!!! wow...truly one of the best threads to date.

speaking of jesuit educated, our very own Michael ST. CLAIR !!!! he was educated by the jesuits. i not saying his intentions are bad, but i just find it a bizarre coincidence??

i never liked the wingmakers material, fishy to me that it promotes a NWO.
Hey Thanks Man! (or Dolphin, MMM, MMM the one who is the smarter of both! )

Yeah, Michael St. Clair is Jesuit trained, like the clintons, hahaha, springmaier, in his Bloodlines of the illuminati exposed that the St. Clair was the 13th illuminati bloodline, maybe there's the same St. Clair???

hahahah I don't Know hahaha.

In the wingmakers the wingmakers say that what they want to do is Bush's New World Order, you can read it in the second Neruda interview hahaha bold hahaha

Hahaha what an Odd world we are living, eh? It amazed me every time... !

Hahaha, Cheers mate and...

G O D Blees!

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