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Default Re: Why never talk about the top of the pyramid: The Jesuits?

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
You mean trying to do the right thing by raping little kids, sacrificing them, eating them, and mind controlling humanity?
I think it is important to put oneself in another's understand them. This includes the Pope, Black Pope, Jesuits, and Lucifer. I'm presently speculating that Lucifer started out as a good guy or good gal(that is a biblical concept)...and that a lengthy power struggle turned him or her into a Devil. I'm presently considering Lucifer to be insane...yet still the most powerful being on Earth. My further speculation is that the Pope, Black Pope, and the Jesuits are servants of Lucifer...and don't seem to have a choice. They do the best they can do under the circumstances. This is pure speculation. I obviously object to pedophilia, human sacrifices, eating humans, and detuning humanity. This BS needs to cease immediately. I am simply trying to think outside of the come up with a possible solution...that hasn't been thought of by those who are more sane than myself. Wouldn't it be ironic if it took a crazy person to understand Lucifer...and disarm this being? I think there is a key, code, phrase, legal statement, etc...which will cause Lucifer to relinquish control of Earth. I think Lucifer thinks we are so stupid...and thinks he or she is so very, very far above us...that this being has completely lost touch with reality. It might be something as simple as a good joke or a clever get Lucifer laughing in a healthy way...and snap out of the spiritual black hole they are trapped in. Again...just speculation. I don't want to venerate Lucifer...or just simply demonize Lucifer. I'm trying to treat Lucifer as an equal...without fear or credit where credit is due...yet calling for the permanent retirement of all Gods and Satans...human, grey, reptilian...or whatever. No one worships anyone. Thus...Lucifer could retire...without having to surrender power to another being. The power would reside within a Constitution...a GD piece of paper. That's the theory. Who knows what the reality is. How about it...Lucifer? Decisions, decisions.

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