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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Feel free to copy & paste into a program you can print the quiz from...You are welcome to start your own journal....

Spiritual Quiz #2

Pls feel free to answer or not……..if any question causes pain….do not answer,just note yr reaction and the date……

1. Do you have control over your physical life? Why or why not?

2.Do you like to use your imagination? When was the last time you used it?
Did you know that you can use imagination to visualize good things that you want in your life?

3.Can you invision a huge tree that resembles the Tree of life? Can you hold this vision for one minute? For two? For five? Try with a colored triangle …Try with a colored circle….(your choice of color)……write down a couple of other examples…….we are going to increase our minds ability to focus,imagine, as this will lead us to other capabilities with regards to astral travel & clairvoyance……..meditation….

4.Do you feel being a ‘nice’ person is a sign of weakness?? Why or why not?
If yes, what examples of weakness have you witnessed? Is it possible the “weak” person had a greater good in focus when they did their weakness?

5.Have you ever given your time,resources or money for a good cause?
Do you understand the idea of paying it forward? Did you expect some kind of reward or recognition?(neither are bad….just different levels of having given…..)
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