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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Alchemikey......

In regards to the Sat. Meditations, most of us are on our own at home.........There are less & less group gatherings unless we are at a specific event..........However, there are MANY groups doing what we are doing (online synchrozation)with a specific event per year...........Our next Global Nexus Meditation at the sites is May 22,2010 !!!!!!!!!!

I can ask my friend that we were going to set up weekly meditations for the nexus at her crystal store might be willing to have them come to the's in s. florida. It's not a big group that would be there, maybe 10 people........PM to me if that helps?

Also, Mudra is correct, we have been talking about it that Avalon will soon be free subscription soon.....we will keep everyone posted...........Pls register at (it's free) so as to hopefully watch David Wilcock & Nassim Haramein,Richard Hoagland & more about the 2012 event !! It should be a two hour special on Nov. 8th at 9 pm eastern USA and again at 11 pm eastern USA time!

Mudra & I were discussing that perhaps we can all meet maybe after the wednesday meditation at the Avalon Chat room.......that way we can discuss and talk to eachother live chat...........I don't know how the timing would work.......but can we try 10 pm eastern USA time on wednesday nite-tomorrow?? whomever can make it will try to get on the chat!

Here is the link:

Hope to speak to quite a few of you!

In Light!
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