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Don't get me started on the topic of All New Paranormal Shows.

To put it short: A majority of these shows that claim to examine UFO, conspiracies and other phenomenon, are not at all aimed at informing anyone on what is out there. The "SyFy 2012 Documentary" was a good example of this; they want to advertise their movie and focus on a million different ways we are headed for catastrophe, which has nothing to do with the point why it is happening or the actual energetic...bring the token skeptic in (and actually share two very basic, elementary sides of the debate) They have no intention on digging deep in any testimony on these shows, which is why I don't personally watch them. The skeptics are there to state their observations, but not enough to take away from the 'mystery' of the premise of the program, hey its ratings after all and viewers who are interested in this stuff who are tuning in. On the other side of the coin, they have certain marketable stories which are edited by the shows and focused on the parts the writers feel will be good for TV, hence taking away from the point of research of anything relevant on the topic in the first place!
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