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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

I don't think the request was made as a result of prejudice against Spanish but we, the majority of us, only read and speak English. We would like to hear your comments but simply cannot read Spanish. In otherwords, we can't hear you because we don't understand the language. It is not personal and I do not mean to offend you at all but if you do not want us to know what you are saying then please continue in Spanish. We can always use a translator ourselves if we want to understand what you are saying.
Originally Posted by max View Post
No se inglés, no es por falta de ética THEWATCHER, por eso he pedido disculpa, pero si le molesta no ha sido mi intención.
No sabía que el foro solo era para legua inglesa, esperaba en un lugar que se supone de mente abierta también lo fuese de corazón.
Lo siento y disculpen.

Not English, not for lack of ethics THEWATCHER, so I apologized, but if it bothers you is not my intention.
I did not know that the forum was only for English league, was waiting in a place that is supposed to be so open-minded heart.
I'm sorry and apologize.

The translator is to translate inperfecto.
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