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Thanks Tempest you bring up some great points. In fact I was just forwarded some information that sort of corresponds with what you just wrote. There are certain native tribes, one in particular, that calls homosexuals "two souled", and that they incarnate in order to help balance the masculine and feminine energies. I thought this a great concept. I didn't mean to imply that homosexuals themselves are unbalanced but I understand how what I wrote would seem that way.

The main reason I brought it up was because I think this whole politically correct "ignore it and move along" way of viewing homosexuality is more damaging then good.

All the blest to you and thank you for your response.

Originally Posted by TempestGarden View Post
I am not even really sure how to address this, to be quite honest.

In my opinion, you have it completely backwards. I am not saying that to offend you, I just fully believe that the reason why myself and others chose to incarnate as a homosexual is to experience BOTH the masculine and feminine energies. We are not confused nor are we unbalanced. Everyone is an individual and we all lead our own lives and are at different points in existence, just as it should be.
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