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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Hello, Everyone -

A warm welcome to all the new members - and new visitors. Thanks again for all the very positive comments. This is the energy that really keeps us going. If there was no-one out there, we'd not be doing our work.

Warm wishes to all - Bill
Hello Bill,

I learned the hard way that what you say about thoroughly checking the credentials of disembodied beings or channelings.

My question is how does one objectively determine if a group is well-intentioned or worse? I ask this because the implanters have instruments and illusions that at first made me swear up and down that they were here to help (except that I felt lousy afterward).

My other question is have you yourself ever had any legitimate contact with anyone in a group calling themselves the Galactic Federation? Is this a real existent group and are they really purposefully working to resolve dualities?
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