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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post
Hi Jetamus,

I was a little shocked too I must admit.

Although I'm in no way supporting the chap, I'm not too sure about the link there is to be made about Greers' sexual lifestyle and his work in the Extra-Terrestrial / free energy sphere (unless the three are linked in some way).

I think when a person or people start to slur others on a personal basis, their argument is lost as it's clear that there is no other way to prove the adversary wrong on a logical basis.

Oh well, that's life I suppose.

Best regards,

He can do whatever he wants in his personal life

George Michael for example admits to cottaging regularly, but that doesn't make his music any less enjoyable.

Too bad for Greer this will be used against him.
its not like disclosure people aren't ridiculed enough already.


Originally Posted by Derek View Post
If he was putting naked pictures of himself on a heterosexual sex website it would have the same reaction. Its not because hes gay its because he is clearly soliciting himself for sex and he has a wife and children.
he has a wife and kids!?
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