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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by halebox View Post
Greer is Queer who cares and who couldn't tell anyways? Stuff like a manhunt account is pretty normal for the gays. Kind of a cheap shot whomever posted that. Bill is not the originator of that link. Actually he probably feels great as he's got nothing to hide about his sexuality at this point.
Love you Bill and Kerry and so glad this sight is FREE as it must be
Also interesting Scientology interview. Ive never heard the other side of the story or was even aware. It sounds like Ron was into some cool research and methods. Had no idea it was taken over at some point.
I share your opinion there, the latest transcript was really a great read.

I never knew much of anything about Scientology before I read the testimony, in fact but it was indeed a very enlightening experience.

To be honest, the lesson learned here was not only that Scientology church had been infiltrated and how quickly that happened, but it appears to be the case (dare I say it) with all the world religions, especially the major religions.

My opinion is that the majority of religions and cults probably started out with a good message for humanity but quickly the dark forces infiltrate whatever hierarchical structure left for the future generations, thus contaminating the original message and ultimately fading it away with time.

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