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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill,

Great to see you answering questions. Thanks for opening up Avalon forum.

2 quick questions:
1. Do you have any idea if the Osiris tomb story (there are many versions of the story: 1. that Osiris's tomb was found by Soviet KGB in Giza, 2. JJ Hurtak allegedly showed photos of Osiris's tomb to Viewzone magazine's editor Gary/Dan, 3. Zahi Hawass found it & probably made it off-limits) is true or a disinfo?

2. Do you have any plans to interview JJ Hurtak/Gary Vey (Dan Eden) of Viewzone magazine or Zahi Hawass (I know Zahi is not probable, but would like to know your thoughts)?

And I would like to say that I have benefited immeasurably by yours & Kerry's work. I salute you both for what you are doing. Keep up the good work

I like to know your thoughts on the 3 people that I have mentioned above.

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