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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill and all Avalonians!

Thank you very much for your dedication and passion. I am enjoying the game as well. Kerry and you makes the game even much interesting for many . I would have so many things to ask, but I'll keep it simple with one question. Will you make an interview with a Mayan calendar serious researcher? Maybe a Mayan?

I have seen so many fabricated theories and as much assumptions about 2012 that I came to the conclusion our dear 'manipulators' have stepped in to confuse the mass about another profound truth. Many predication are not even Mayan calendars interpretation but simply predicted events on which some will stick the 2012 tag on it. The Hollywood movie is a powerful tool of mental manipulation.

All these "doom and gloom" theories are doing no good into the mass consciousness inducing fear of the future. Many know that the Mayan calendars are not predicting "end of the world scenario".

I came across a serious researcher on the Mayan calendars and this man is also concerned about the "manipulation" and "interpretation" of the mayan calendars. Carl Johan Calleman has a long and dedicated path on studying and researching the Mayan calendars and cultures. Here is his website:

Thanks again for your time . And blessed be you and Kerry, may your path always be blessed and protected.

Namaste, Steven

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