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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

Originally Posted by dolphin View Post
she was abducted by BOTH negative and POSITIVE ETs
I find this to be an interesting assumption that the validity of Anna Hayes teachings actually rest on in my opinion.

Do truly benevolent spiritual Beings of high consciousness abduct human beings?

Is that the way the Divine chooses to release the highest, most sublime Truth to humanity?

If Oneness is reality, cannot truly evolved spiritual Beings that are unconditional Love Beings in Oneness with All Life, communicate spiritual Truth within the hearts of humanity. Will the messengers they choose be ones that are abducted and even admit to being mind controlled by shadow government?

Perhaps, although, I do not believe this is the case.

I do believe that spiritual Truth will come through the messengers of the Divine, which are people that choose the path of selflessness, the path of Self realization and come into Oneness with their own Divine Self within. That surrender their human ego for the reality of who they are in Oneness with the infinite and who are the Pure in heart.

As for the comments on Christianity, I can assure you, I do not believe the lies of fundamental Christianity, however, I do believe that Jesus is a very real, very alive ascended Being in Oneness with All Life, and that his message is simple: we are all sons and daughters of God and those who choose to Be, will be.

I believe there is a middle Way, and this is the Way of Oneness.

~ Espavo ~
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