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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

No ofence to anyone but the only way you will be able to assess whether this material is true or not is by studiying the 10 years of work that has been put forward by Ashayana

It is impossible to answer in a nut shell the magnitude of the drama that has happened here in the last 10 years...but reading the free summaries in her website may help

And yes, it is not easy to accept that our reality is being manipulated by ETs but not all of them are bad

Indeed we are all ETs cos the theory of evolution has never been proved to be correct

We are being told by many sources that we are being mind controlled, that ET's have been here for a long time, from Sacharia Sitchin to Alex Collier...Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Willian Cooper, the wistleblowers on Project Camelot etc

I can see that you don't like Anna Hayes, cool, don't study her what is the big deal....?

You want to ascend? maybe there are other ways....personally for me the Freedom Teachings have worked thus far and I will continue with this research until I slide (ascend) or find something better

To listen to the truth of our past and realize that we have been duped isn't easy, nor is the realization that the planet has been lost and it is not going to ascend and we will have to make our way know that we are where we are because we created it is really shocking for us, cos we are used to play the victim/victimizer game non stop and blame everyone for what we have misscreated

No one said ascension was going to be easy...we let others persuade us that was the case (fallen angelics new age movement) cos they want to eat our quantum to sustain their black hole systems... it is still a personal choice to believe cos no one can say for certain that the information that we are being given is true (and that includes all the holy books, new age books, history books, science books etc) until we get direct personal experience of the inner worlds...and can travel personally to the ecashic records...see the whole thing inside out and outside is trully fascinating

Still, there are three choices, one can do nothing and be eaten by the black holes, or do the step back and return (information about this will come with the new Asha's book this summer, it appear to be a easier option but involves start over again rather than mastery) or we can slide into the new earth and that means getting onself together and raise one's light quantum to more than 75 pct...

It is tough but not too late yet

For me the Guardian Alliance teachings are the rolls royce of spiritual developme but that is my personal opinion

I think the options have been given and it is up to every person to decide what they do

I am not here to persuade anyone

Still, thank you for the interesting debate it helped clear many points!

Unconditional love to all

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