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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

By the way the Amenti project failed and here there is a link that explained what happened after 2003

Also Tara was invaded in 2005 and it is no longer a viable way up that is the reason why we have to slide

In other words, originally, we were supposed to do stargate passage needing only the activation of the 4 strand and the subharmonics of the 5ft

Now we basically need 9 to 10 strands of DNA activated, hence so much material to clear the mutations in a progressible and safe way

Needless to say that the dark ones have activated many facilities to keep us here and hamper our ability to ascend, all that information can be found in the workshops as well as the current state of affairs and what may or may not happen in 2012

Hope this helps you have a broader perspective of why the Guardian Alliance is doing what is doing and why we are being push to learn so much in such a short time

The only universal stargate viable in the whole of the Milky Way today is here on Earth that is USG3

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