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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

I read all of Anna Hayes books years ago from a friend who supported her moneywise when she was first starting out and before she changed her name to Ashayana.

He couldn't read the books as they were too difficult for him. Well I did...I plowed thru them. There were lot's of words that were quite new in my world, however when I finished I learned one major thing about her "billion" or was it "trillion" years history of planets "Gaia", "Terra" and "Earth". (AND I can't remember if there was another name).


There were also names and pictures of many different kinds of ET's which is why I was interested in her writing. Because she is quite "wordy" it takes some commitment to read her stuff.

A lot of our "light messengers" out there are "wordy" and each of them fulfills a purpose for different sections of our human population. ie: David Icke, David Wilcock, Drunvolo, Neale Walsch,...and so on.

I found that if something isn't easy to read and simple to understand then I would go elsewhere to find the info I wanted.

If you are drawn to Anna Hayes then I strongly suggest you follow your gut feelings...cuz that is where you should be going.

She has a part of the story.

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