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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

Kriya, I respect your opinion but nothing is free in this planet...even the regular churches demand hefty donations....

Other new age workshops are much more expensive and not such a good value for money. The DVDs of the freedom techniques are not more expensive than others new age or regular ones, if you take into consideration the amount of hours of lecture and written material that you get, additionally:

In case you don't know there are many, many techniques that are give for free by azurite press

just press the underlined blue headings instead of the product codes

Also, if you are interested you can join the free group of keylontic sciences in yahoo and additionaly there is a sponsorship program that can be found in the egroup for people that can not afford the materials.

The outreach program offers too a lot of free material and there are study groups that only charge running costs

There is also the keylontic dictionary that one can join for free

The teachings are not that difficult when you get the hang of it and perhaps it is better to start with the introductions in the website

Of course, I am not trying to convince you but to show posibilities and options

Best wishes

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