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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
In my opinion, (as far as aliens and agendas) it might be a bit unwise to believe in the testimonies of strangers presenting unproven facts. The deeds of these whistle blowers might be genuine but the lack of facts to their claims isn’t really helping much, is it? It baffles the mind how they don’t see what they’re doing. What they are doing is causing more harm by confusing people with SciFy sounding stories.
If I was a whistleblower, it would be in my heart to consider these illusive issues from the UN-awaken point of view. Why go thru the trouble when there’s no actual proof to present? That will only make me look like I’m seeking attention. Before I go off attempting to make money out of this stuff, I’ll make sure this stuff is authentic. What most of these guys claim can change the lives of many people, it makes them no better than TPTB if any of this stuff is fabrications or straight out lies. There are many ways to earn a living but selling the masses unproven important information is irresponsible and a cause for concern.
hello peace of mind,
I think David is doing his best with the the limited information coming to him,,,we on this forum know and have learrnt a great deal from many people also all the research we have done ourselves..........
analysing truth from falsehood is very difficult...therefore "HOW DO WE DISCERN TRUTH FROM FALSEHOOD?

If the information is positive and it is for the good of Mankind it is the truth,
If you take the complete opposite stance ,taken by the negative element,malevolence ,hate ,genocide etc this is also the truth. No one can predict the future we can only prepare ourselves for what the neg element(insanity) will do.
Who has the definitive truth for the jig-saw puzzle for Mankind.....the person or persons will be hidden...wisdom

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