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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

Originally Posted by larissarissa View Post
Why label? Who cares? I read and listen to David's material because it is fascinating and holds my interest. His research is extensive, his conclusions thought provoking. His personality may not suit everyone's taste, and his claims can be accepted or not. His website has interesting information, and the forum is full of loving people.
I definitely agree, Larissa, and you worded this beautifully. I believe in quite a few things that David talks about, and I think he's coming from a place of love - not a dark, selfish place. Yes, he makes money off his conferences and books and stuff, but that's the world we live in right now - money is a way right now for him to get his thoughts out there and spread the word. And as far as I'm concerned, his word is full of positivity. We couldn't ask for more, really!

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