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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

my reference is not directed at AW's claims, although such threats do instil a lot of fear, especially when they are directed at you personally. I am referring to the fact that people think there is a deliberate attempt by those who run avalon to silence AW, I think there are enough good people inside avalon to prevent this happening and to blow the whistle if it does.

Each one of us should know that we can be taken out of the game at any moment, but they cannot kill us all and they can't stop an idea.

I was involved in a revolutionary movement all my life, I have seen many people killed for what they believed in, the enemy wishes to instil fear and paranoia, and they had us living that way for years. We had to put bars on our doors, look under the car before taking the kids to school etc. In the end they bought the revolution and turned the poachers into gamekeepers, they will stop at nothing, as the crop circle said:

'Much pain, but still time,
one love...
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