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Originally Posted by Norval View Post
How would you know the real truth if you heard it?
When 800 years old YOU are, learn a truth or two you do, yes? Hmmm?

Have studied many 'bibles' and found my path a long time ago...

Agree with you on agents in the forums... I have a list of names at ATS and one came to visit for three days.

Agree with you that there are ET's lurking about with bad intentions, but I also know some wear Military uniforms of rank in our Air Force

Disagree with you that the crater chains are weapons strikes...

Agree with you that there was interplanetary war that destroyed one planet, moved the Earth further out from the sun and stripped the water and atmosphere from Mars

It is further a 'truth' that approx 80% of UFO sightings are in fact plasma based life forms that are harmless and have existed in and around Earth for a very long time.... These creatures exist on the borders of the visible spectrum and are attracted by plasma. They possess intelligence but perhaps not as we know it... They are aware of us

I believe the current energy output of the Sun may be 'feeding' them and making them more visible... hence the increase in these types of sightings...

It is a 'truth' that Global warming is not our fault and a natural cycle of the Planet... nothing we can do about it except buy more sunblock

It is a 'truth' that the tether experiment of STS 75 was indeed a success and the resulting plasma sheath on the broken tether maintained the circuit despite what they tell us about currents in space...

This was further backed up by the SECOND tether flown a month later by the OTHER space program (Which is and always has been the NAVY). This tether was active for two years and was used as a test to send power from the ground via high power laser 'cannons' that are 'disguised' to the public as astronomical research devices

It is a 'truth' that Gary McKinnon found the list of non-terrestrial officers... I have the NAVY Cadre of 700 'space experienced' officers and several thousand military and civilian support personel. The Navy began “coding” officers as space subspecialists in 1980 under NAVADMIN 201/03 DTG211435Z JUL 03 announcing the first 700 officer members of the cadre. These officers were identified by the subspecialty codes of 6206, Space Systems Operations, and 5500, Space Systems Engineering or by the additional qualification designator of VS1, VS2, VS3 or VS4. Approximately 265 billets are currently identified as space billets.

It is a 'truth' that a spacecraft codenamed "Aquila", a cargo vessel, was launched to the moon from the Marshall Islands two months before Apollo 11. This same vessel comes up again in documents related to Mars missions and liquid cargo transfer from the Moon... The "Aquila" is made by Starcraft Boosters. Starcraft Boosters is owned by Buzz Aldrin, the 33rd degree Freemason who went to the Moon on Apollo 11

It is a 'truth' that the US Army under the direction of Major General Trudeau laid out the plans to have a base on the Farside of the Moon by 1962. The pland were completed 1959. Project lead was Wernher von Braun. Wernher von Braun also at the same time collaborated with Walt Disney to make a Movie about a base on the Farside of the Moon... as a cover story. One of the images from that is still floating around the internet as a Moon Base

The US Army division that was the head of this project was SMDC (U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command). This is the SAME command that runs Redstone Arsenal where the German Scientists first went after WWII. This is the SAME command that runs the Ronald Reagan Test Site U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA). They also have Deep Space Operations and NASA Space Operations and Experiments. They are located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and have free reign to do anything they want, in return for the USA "renting" the entire Republic of the Marshall Islands

They also use Johnston Island and Wake Island..

Wake Island, located 1,100 kilometers north of the Kwajalein Atoll, is a functional adjunct to RTS, providing a launch site for intermediate range NMD and TMD target missiles. Program requirements, mission planning and implementation, and logistics support are coordinated through the Reagan Test Site.

Go and see what is on these Islands...
Wake Island 19° 18′ 0″ N, 166° 38′ 0″ E
Johnston Atoll 16° 45′ 0″ N, 169° 31′ 0″ W

It is a 'truth' that Google Earth does NOT show you everything

How would I know the real truth if I heard it?

I go look it up

Like I did with Henry Deacon's "Project Looking Glass" and "Shiva Nova" which are now gone

As to the "War of the Planets" that can be found in old Tibetan Scrolls that are accesable to certain errrr 'esoteric societies'

It is also a 'truth' that I grow weary of showing people 'truth' who do not care about finding it
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