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Default Re: More whistleblowers on the way.

so what is onion's reputation??
even if it is from onion..which it looks to be.....does that give it no credit or any truth?
i went to the website and it seems that they post funnies about current times.
so what im getting from others is that this is fake...
excuse my french...but how the hell can someone fake this....
to me...people like to fake and be recognized for ceartin purposes.....
one being money....
why go through the trouble to fake something like this and get no benefit...

btw...the youtube video still works for me..i just pulled it up...if you are still having problems with the video..then i shall do my best to find the video some other way..

someone help me out here....this is confusing to me...
is this just childs play...or should we recognize this..
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