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Default Re: Are you a victim of Voice2Skull technology?

I felt it necessary to jump in here, only because of my own experiences, and how they could possibly lend to another perspective.
Since I was a very young child (2) I heard voices other than my own, in my head.
The main voice was adult, male.
As a child, it would simply hypnotize me most of the time, by repeating a random thought for up to 5, 10 minutes.
I would see this man in my mind, and his body would grow & shrink. In that movement, it felt as though my body was doing the same thing, that is partly what had me hypnotized.
I was often pinned to the bed, if that is where I happened to be when he would talk to me.
I did not realize I could pull my focus from it, so I never tried.
On occasion, this voice would tell me to not obey the words of authority figures.
My mother especially.
I was also told to NOT talk about him.
As I aged, the voice would stick around longer, and it's demands stretched a bit more.
At 14, I was put into drug rehab.
I had began doing drugs at 6, yes 6 years old, but became heavy into it at 11, when I had my first drink/drunk.
By the time I was 14, I had been to jail twice behind booze, and I was completely uninhibited when it came to what I would put in my body as far as hard chemicals went.
At 16, just over a year sober, I had an out of body experience on the heels of a very intense interaction with the man in my mind, who had been with me now for 14 years.
I could not remain quiet about this. I went to my parents.
In order to rule out schizophrenia, they put me back into a hospital, on a behavioral unit, to run every test possible for answers.

I was taken out of there after about 17 days.
Every test they ran, came back clearing me from any mental disorder.
I was then put in touch with Thelma Moss, who was the head of parapsychology at UCLA for over 30 years.
With her help, and the help of a few other appointed doctors whose field of expertise went beyond the lines of western medicine, I was able to rid myself of this relationship with the man, who was named Dirk.

One of the people helping me, was an American Indian woman. Prior to meeting me, (when I was still in the hospital) she was at my house, communicating with the man.
Without being told anything about him by my parents, she described him physically, to a T. She told my parents why he was with me, and how he came to be with me. She was spot on.
He was a "hungry ghost."
A soul caught in the loop of time, basically getting his nourishment from my vibration.
I gave him life, again.

I was hypnotized, saw him face to face, and directed him into a hall way of light.
Dirk is gone.
But many have tried to communicate with me in the same manner since.
The difference today?
I am aware, and I am at no point dis-empowered by any of them.

I bring this to the table here, because I feel it is necessary to consider all sides of the coin, that in fact there is a paranormal side to "voices in the head" and that if any human is aware that they are NOT their thoughts, they have the opportunity to NOT act or believe their thoughts.
Voice to skull could be real, I don't know. I do know that the dead are vacuous, and we are their fuel.
I do know, that no man on this planet is vulnerable to outside sources, if he is made aware of his psychological condition and more importantly, how to be neutral & unmagnetized, no matter what.
If he is actively employing critical thinking, if he looks at his thoughts objectively, not attaching emotion to any of them, he is more free than most of society.
The problem is, most of society do not allow themselves to be the thinker, they are so caught up in the thoughts.
This has to stop.

No matter
the outside influence, if man is aware that he is NOT his thoughts, he is liberated from the prison of emotional attachment and psychological time chaos.
In order for peace to be restored, this must be realized.

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