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Smile Re: Are you a victim of Voice2Skull technology?

Originally Posted by hueyii View Post
Please excuse me but I cannot continue to review the info you are sending. None of it fits and most of it is just random and pointless.

If the US govt had the technology then our govt would be using it on the people we cannot control. (Syria and Iran come to mind) As for your military friend, I have some too and they talk about bombs and bullets, not mind control.

Thanks for engaging me but I must go.
dont go yet. first of all if you are really a civilian why would military men talk about stuff that they have taken an oath to never talk about, to you. do you think just because your friend or family member has been in the service
they would tell you? dont kid yourself.

just because you read information and let's just say its the best info. out their on the web or in person or whatever. you haven't experienced this technology for yourself. your still getting the information from another source. so though all this information is presented to you and you of course can decide what is true to you or not. you haven't experienced this. if you have you would know for a fact like i do that this technology is and has been used against many people worldwide. i have lived in Europe and Shanghai for over 4 years. now, either im "crazy" because no matter where i go i still can hear voices trying to ask me and threaten me with all kinds of stuff.

i've got 2 degrees and have worked for 2 fortune 500 co. in the past. the thing is that im superduper spiritual and when this happens you also become superduper psychic or at least i did. now your only scratching the surface of what kinds of technology is out there.

let me fill you in on some of the technology. faster then light computers that can travel back in time and steal soul pieces from you in previous lives so that these evil MF can slow down you spiritual progress. electronic weapons that can be shot in and at your auric field to cause many adverse reactions.
telepathic torture is just scratching the surface.

i go up against FBI, Ex-Military, Military, Black Magicians, and other Nefarious beings every single day and night and even in my sleep. yes in my sleep. when your sleeping your just in a different reality. so some of the rules when our eyes are closed fall away but one thing is a constant, Loving Kindness is a catalyst.

please read my blog,

take care,
elias visvasa

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