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Default Re: Are you a victim of Voice2Skull technology?

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I spent 5 years in the military. Trained with Special forces and 82nd airborne, served in Korea. I took the oath along with hundreds of others. There is no oath to keep secrets from civilians only to protect and defend the constitution. They get everyone together in an auditorium and say "Repeat after me" This is no blood oath at all. Id trust these people with my life and you would too if you knew them. And I am a civilian. Retired with disability but still a civilian.

I'm sure you are an intelligent person and understand that you cannot believe everything you read on the internet. You need to check it out thoroughly. In your case I understand that if you feel you are having a common experience with someone that you are less likely to ask questions regarding the shared experience.

I, and many others have voices in my head. The voices sometimes produce thoughts that are irrational, horrific and totally out of character. I've shared these thoughts with people close to me and they have had similar experience. In my spiritual quest I came to understand that I am not my mind. My mind is a "machine" that my spirit uses as an aperature to this reality. The mind is constantly processing information to the point where it takes practice to shut it up. This I learned to do through meditation. The mind never really shuts up during meditation but I allow my "self" to seperate from it and observe it. My inner voice (which we all have) leads me these days and it tells me I am on the right path. Thats a voice I can trust.

Our minds are simply overstimulated by our society. There is just too much out there vying for our attention. Computers, cell phones, noise pollution, health issues and dont get me started about the media. Our minds are on overload and in many cases people become delusional, psychotic and do crazy things. In my world, society is the cancer that feed the fear that feeds the mind with confusion. But again, that is just my opinion.

During meditation I am able to trace thoughts to the point where they originate. There are only two sources of any thought, fear and love. Fear is the only cause of horrific or otherwise dark thoughts. Fear that someone is after me, my job, my money etc. These fear based thoughts are not planted in my mind. I take full responsibility for them.

I do not know the source of your thoughts. I feel for you if you are suffering. My wish is not to compound suffering but to try and understand, in a rational way, the alleged cause and if it is something I can validate. So far I cannot. The links that were given to me were not related to the allegation that someone can plant thoughts in someone elses brain and cause them to do something against thier will. Bossy claims that voice to skull technology has played a roll in school shootings and that the perpetrators were hearing voices. He makes other allegations that, to be frank, are very hard for me to believe. All I'm asking for is something I can hold onto but so far all I get is vague web pages that are not related to his allegations. This leads me to not believe for myself, what he is saying. No disrespect here, just disbelief.

If you guys are right and I'm wrong then that should all come out someday and if I can talk to you I will state my belief. For now I am not even remotely convinced that this is a worldwide attack and that it caused those kids to take a gun to school and kill other kids.

May you find peace and may your suffering cease.
I cannot speak to Bossyroofer's claims except to say
that Whitely Strieber has spoken of being subjected to
the standoff technology in one of his members area

What I can say is that there is little doubt that the technology exists and that it works.

How do I know this?

I own and have played with the original device; the Flanagan neurophone. I have also looked up the original
Life magazine article chronicling the young Patrick Flanagan and his device (circa 1963)
before Patrick and
his neurophone were absorbed into the intelligence community and placed under a veil of secrecy which was
not lifted until the early nineties . Why would they lift the veil? Because the proof of concept device was old news and they had developed much cooler versions.

The neurophone does indeed work. You place the transducers anywhere on the body and you can hear whatever is being piped into the neurophone in your head. Some areas work better than others. The palms and feet transmit the signal better than the butt does.
I planned to place the transducers on the back of my neck underneath my clothing ( the equivalent of wearing a headset) so I could listen to pre-recorded mp3s while at work dealing with the public. Sadly, the transducers are very fragile and one broke after only a few days. I laid the experiment aside and have not played with it in a few years now.

Bottom line. The technological concept is sound. It would not surprise me at all that it had evolved to stand off wireless equipment. My impression from the description that Whitely Strieber gave was that it was a hand held line of sight device that could be aimed from a parked car in the street at a subject of interest in the bedroom of his house on the back side of the lot. That the carrier beam passed through walls and the like from the hand held device.

Why would it be a stretch that larger versions might be used in psyops operations on targeted groups, possibly even satellite based technology? The ability to reach out and touch someone with non lethal devices to get the subjects to do your bidding through pain sound or other stimuli is seductive and sought after. Of this there is no doubt. The handheld device Whitely spoke of only created suggestions. He was savvy enough to wake from his nap and go looking for the source catching the culprits red handed transmitting from the street. They sped off with some haste.

Perhaps other less sophisticated subjects might not be quite so discriminating at filtering inputs. I'm not saying that it is, just that it could be.

That you would not have access to the technology in your capacity is no surprise. I suspect that it would be classified, and not being attached to that unit
would hardly have a need to know.

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