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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi Astralwalker,

great lessons for all of us! Thanks for bringing this up...and yes, I'm in too.
I just sent a PM to Samarkis to put me on the list.

I see, Germany is not listed nor there is a location near my residence City (GB eventually, over the Chanel).
Our Birthcountry is not listed as well , so I will try to figure out something very speciall for this event.

By the way, I'm one of those who meditate during my normal, daily activities, always trying to monitor my thoughts and my mind.

Letting go, healing the Planet, sending my energy to all that is! Healing, Healing and nothing but Healing!!

This is my daily work and I just feel great and enlighten doing this.

As you mentioned, we ALL should take our responsibility and do what we're supposed to do.
If anyone is not certain of his/her purpose on this Planet, just let your Heart guides you. It will WORK!!!

P.S.1. Any Idea where YOU will be during this event?

P.S. 2. To all of you who eventually missed me in the last few weeks...I'm back!

WE have a lot to do and as I mentioned once on this Forum, no one leaves this Planet until our work is done

I love you all and you're to send me your love back...
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