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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Greetings to All.

Thankyou Astralwalker for starting this.

It is a pleasure to witness this thread in really time. Like all, digestion has taken sometime. But I would like to offer what I have been studying for the last 16 years, I hope it will help others find more keys to shed more light on the progression of this thread.

Firstly I would like to offer some background information on the intial parts of what is prementioned here. In order to progress with understanding of where this idea should go, some re-learnig of how the actual system of sacred sites and grid lines are formed.

David Flynn gave an interesting talk on the subject whch can be view on the link

I will not recite what info he has to share here, he can give you the full low doan on the vid.

Another important piece of information can be found in a book by David Hatcher Childress. He is a link to the ebook. Which I thank Jussi for.

That will help people put into perspective the grid system that we are dealing with.

As for the mechanics of this system Maurice Cotterell’s Book The Tutankhanmun Prophecies, is an excellent book concerning the Sun and its effect on this world. It can help project these ideas through to a galactic scale.

The world grid is the outer energetic construction of our planet that we share. This in turn is connected to the Earth energy lines that are mentioned in the link provided by Astralwalker

These lines have been understood since the creation of the system in which we find ourselves. In a brilliant book by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, The Serpent and the Sun, they take you on their journey of discovery into the lines and how religion and sacred standing stones play their part. This can be seen throughout the world, as examples have been given through this thread.

On my understanding of how these lines work, gives rise to many questions as to how these lines are and have been used over time. They are a grounding force for energy emitted by humans and a grounding point for external energies. The Christian church is very good example of how they replaced old ritual sites used by pre Christian religions to convert the local populous to their new religious order. Where there was a Celtic site for ritual gathering, they built a church. Therefore, when people turned up to the gathering, they now where convinced to use the new building, Church, as a focus for their energies.

This in turn would give the newly born religion, lots of devotees and more important. The underlying energy that prayer and meditation brings to these focal points.

I wonder if the same thing has happened in the US with Indian sites? I have no personal knowledge. As they say,” All roads lead to Rome”, not only the roads I feel.

Even in the smallest of villages that spread across Europe, these lines can be found. They accumulate like streams into rivers till they meet the sea, or world grid. At Lourdes in the Pyrenee Mountains there is a 64 line that can I have dowsed, which is the largest collection of lines before joining the world grid through a portal. The portal is likened to a membrane that carries out the function of osmosis of energy. But here again there is a great concentration of a religious order that uses these energies and human contribution to the same effect that this thread is trying to create.

The transformation of the energy from human, be it individual or collect intent, through to the world grid, will help the channelling aspect of the site to maintain it’s own time line and viewpoint on how things are and should be. The idea is that the devotee creates its energy though its own 7 chakras to a focal point in this case the Priest, where it is converted, or should be converted through to the higher chakras.

In reality there are 16 Chakras connected to each individual. 7 of which are personal ones which all here knows of. The following three are semi-personal, which acts as doorways to the higher energies.

The rest are chakras that have no owner as such. They are part of the great being of one consciousness
The 11th is the building blocks for all life forms
12th is the angles wings which we go through during reincarnation.
13th is the spiralling energy between this world dimension and the others.
14th is the arrangement of this energy from one dimension and another.
15th is the clarification of these energies during projection, very much like a crystal with light.
16th is all this energy concentrated into the cosmic consciousness.

So when one puts energy into these lines, the one at the portal makes the transformation into the greater consciousness.

The earth energy lines have the same make up as we do. They have layers, which go to the 14th chakra. These lines use the 7 chakras of the world. Or the alternative seven wonders. The heart being in Glastonbury. So if you want to change the world physically, bring the Mountain to Mohamed, one should base their meditation on the chakras of the world with which one desires the change.

But here we are dealing with one consciousness or a cosmic evolution. So thus to change, or evolve through this conciseness, then meditation will have to be applied to the levels with which the desire effects should take place. One thing I think should be made clear to avoid any disappointment for many involved in this. Consciousness is not a reactive formation. It is very much like a jelly. If you drop a stone into a bowl, full of set jelly. The jelly will change shape, colour with the differing light reflection, and even make a sound. But once this initial impact has been made, the jelly will return to its shape colour and toneless being.

The same will happen to a one off meditation. It will create ripples and yes the consciousness will change. But we are dealing with something that has been developed over a long period of time in our present world conscious state.

I will say now that I have chosen to stay here rather than move on with many of my friends. We are in a position where people will move from one dimension to another. Some will stay put, others will start back at the begin. Even outsiders will have to give up their hold on the earth plan ounce it has moved into its final descent through the Milky Way to the galaxy centre. This descent will take, like consciousness, and planetary system building, a long time. I have chosen, as I said to stay on the rock till we dock. I will be here only to help people through the portals and gateways. So if this is to happen like the intent is, we should not be fooled into thinking that things happen over night. We should build on what we have created and apply with regular doses. One mediation will have the same effect as a cardiac electric shock treatment has on a heart that has stopped beating. It may well start a heart, but that heart has to be regularly supplied with oxygen via the lungs.

This is the start of something new, or even old, something that will help focus a lot of minds and hearts to one intent. But we must not loose the person aspect of this intent, ones own personal journey through the evolution of the spirit that we are about to undertake.

We should listen closely to the advice and the information that the indigo people are and will bring. They are here to help with this transition. They will not lead us to the end, for that is our own journey to take.

Maybe some suggestions to get this thing rolling on all aspects. There are many organisations that have been doing very similar things for some time, Obviously fire the Grid, but also These organisations should be contacted and let the butterfly effect take place.

I am in the process of trying to put some of these things aforementioned to drawings and developing a technique to connect directly to the higher chakras of the energetic world. This will then enable all to participate in such an experiment. This would mean that the connection to the grid could be down through a much more local and lesser sacred place. Not that it holds a lesser importance. The idea is to go to meet the cosmic energy, rather than have the energy come down to us through the meditation. This should bypass any portal filtering.

This is a work in progress and will update and help like we are all doing. I just hope this helps people find their own set of keys to the great situation.

Love and light

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