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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

I'm probably going to sound a bit silly and superstisious here but it's been nagging me each time I've done the meditiation and it's a question mostely to Astral Walker ....

This site is monitered by the powers that be.... They have very high tech dark magicions who work for them... With Phied Piper getting ill and stuff is it posible for them to tune in to us as we gather and tune in to each other on the one frequency? Can they hit us while we are in this very open and vulnerable state?

And if so can we work a protection in to the meditiation at the begging and end...... It is easy to set up a protective field with very direct intennt ... using precise dates for it's duation and renewals...

Maybe no need but it has been niggeling and i got a feeling about this... I set my own protection last week but since I started the Nexus I've broken my leg... My boiler has broken down, my washing machine broke down, and my drains were blocked and over flowed..... Please don't think I'm a total old quak here and some times in life things just happen.... I'm still filled with such peace and love and hope with this project and I feel the power and success already it's just somthing I had to ask???
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