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Default Re: Micro-Investor's Guide to Buying Silver

Originally Posted by bennett View Post
Second, the best place Iíve found is (take a guess) EBay.
Another option, in tune with local markets and getting to know neighbors, is to visit a local coin show. Many areas, even rural, have periodic shows, and in larger population areas, the frequency is every weekend.

One source for dates of shows is:

When you attend the first show, it may be a bit overwhelming, like a bazaar ... but if you wander and observe, the patterns of energy may be observed and there will usually be vendors that 'shine' ... these vendors will be friendly, have more than plastic encased numismatic coins and walk you through the options available.

Since all transitions seem to take longer than we expect, or may want, the importance of forming a network with a sincere set of folks in the metals business is that eventually you may want to establish large purchases or sell / trade back into fiat paper to pay bills. With a good network established, it is possible to minimize premiums, like in any business. Think Ground Crew - Think Rhizome ...

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