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Thumbs up Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Wow... I can really feel the enrgy building... This Nexus Event Plan is growing so strongly in momentum ... the energy is so powerful... I've been out of action and away from it for a few weeks but since I've come back I can feel a really strong connection with many fiery hearts all around the planet and some off planet.

You are all doing such amaizing work...and thank you Mudra for always keeping me informed on my page...

I had not read the pages between 46 to 53, properly until now and I'm glad that little hoo haa blip of ego is done now and Astral Walker, always gracuios, you are right it seemed to bring a few confused energies to a head and release them... Remember Astral walker you do such amaizing work here... thank you
And Perseide... always ploughing ahead so determind so devoted to your work
and Phied Piper and Kathleen and Bergundia and Sanat (Sanat I'm sorry I posted a very enthusiastic post about the Hathor Holon meditation and hadn't read you had already done it, Ops I'm sorry) and Galaxy Girl , Alchimiky, Zedo, Selaviv , Lightbeing, The Chosen, Maletski and Brendy (Feardia) who doesn't post but works away silently and everyone else you are all fabulous be very aware of your light and your lovely prescence here... I'm sorry if I havn't posted everyones names here I'm a scatty brained Dyslexic with a terrible memory for names... but a great reader of energies and all your energies are pulsating and vibrating at a very high rate... I cant wait for this weeks meditation it's going to really powerful, we are really comming in to our own now as they say....Peace and Love to you all

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