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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by PhiedPiper View Post
Hi everyone,

I regret to say I have been becoming increasingly ill and at this point I will have no choice but to spend some time away from the project.

I am hoping I will be able to return to the project as soon as possible and that it will have no trouble carrying on without my contributions in the meantime.

There is something very unnatural about the condition, as though I am being drained of all my energy from outside of myself. The exhaustion is so severe it is affecting my regular life to a significant extent, not to mention the work I am doing on the side.

I am hoping to shed some light on the matter quickly and make arrangements to prevent any future vulnerabilities.

take care everyone
today, several thoughts zipped thru my head surrounding this subject, and maybe this is why. mainly thoughts of this collective entanglement, and understanding a bit about how magnetics and the quantum field can put an experience into your lap.

we have all agreed to participate in this 2012 NEXUS EVENT adventure. i would i magi ne that people are shedding emotional attitudes a warp speed, cleaning up a bit more for this event. i would also i magi ne that it is purpose full in every sense of the word, as a clear consciousness creates much more intertia in the grand spin of things.

i am not at all suggesting that is what is going on with you PhiedPiper, but since you are contributing a vital piece to this puzzle, you might be considered a point or node on this grid. therefore, sensing the energetic transformations of the group itself.

it might be considered to have a group healing session once a week to unify in our own healing processes, without focusing on the grid points.

at any rate, take care of your SELF. you never know, this may just be an experiment to test our healing capabilities

you dance in radiant health!
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