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Originally Posted by WinterWolf View Post
had to shorten the quote so I can see what I'm typing. Phone typing again!

Why do you think Ra is dead? Men tell lies and even the Divine can bend the truth.

Winter Wolf
A Stargate SG-1 episode (Hathor) indicated that Ra had been killed. I combined that with the purposeful extinction (in 3D) of the Founders which Alex Collier refers to...a comment on Avalon...and what often happens in a coupe de tat such as the War in Heaven. It's probably mostly a speculative shot in the dark. Material furnished by BROOK indicates Amen as being the 'hidden god'...which I speculated was the Spirit of Ra (who may no longer exist in 3D). The 'New York Times' said that 'God is Dead'. It's really pretty thin...but I'm no pro...I'm just making this up as I go. What do you think Winter Wolf?

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